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The world-famous public speaker Jessie was asked to give a speech to a room of the most successful people about how to become more successful. But last minute he decides to deviate from the script and give a passionate speech about stress.

It's the most dreaded day of the week — Monday. We are introduced to Jason, who has been working the same office job for years. He is at the point where he hates coming to work every day. Which begs the question: how do we enjoy a job we find boring?

A fan who has been listening to Jessie Tinwater's speeches decides to send him an email. She is feeling sad because she has to work long hours in order to pay bills. She has no idea how to get balance in life. So Jessie writes her an email back explaining how.

Fame and success have been sweeping public speaker Jessie Tinwater away. He shares a story he heard with his audience about Jason’s boss “Donald,” who is just like Jessie. Always going after making more money. The story made him question what the real definition of success is.

After Jessie gives his last speech, he reflects on his life. Even though people see the fame, money, and large social media pages, they have no idea that secretly he is feeling alone. He gives an almost poetic-style message while he sits in his room reflecting.

It’s Tuesday and Jason comes home tired from a long day at work. He wants to relax but has no idea how to anymore. Jessie is also battling this problem and gives a speech about how to have fun again as adults.

It’s Wednesday in the life of Jason and he is having a horrible day, with everything going wrong. Then he gets a phone call that changes his whole work day for the worse.

Competition is something that is very common in America. This mindset just caused Jessie to lose a dear friend of his. He gives this message to a crowd for his event in Arizona.

Thursday has come for Jason and, after getting that dreaded phone call on Wednesday, he is learning that he was so stressed out thinking about work-related things in life he never slowed down and enjoyed the good times. Jessie also gives an insightful speech to a crowd about how to notice the good times before they are gone.

It's Friday and Jason sees kids playing outside, which gets him thinking and wondering when he lost that childlike ability to enjoy life and how he can get it back. Jessie, realizing that he has lost his youthful zeal for life, gives a speech about not letting that child in us die as we become adults.

Just arrived in Miami for a speaking event and, while driving from the airport, Jessie notices a homeless person. This gives him inspiration to deliver a message for everyone to not be quick to judge people based on outward appearance.  

It’s Saturday for Jason and he has his first date with a woman in years. This made him come to a powerful insight about life, followed up by an emotional and convicting speech given at a national leadership conference for men. Jessie closes a great speech about practical business steps with an unexpected message to men to not take the women in their life for granted.   

We see all the movies and songs that talk about romantic love. It's something that our internet is filled with and that online dating sites and relationship advice columns know we want. This makes all of us wonder: how do we get this amazing love? Jessie, who has been single because of his focus on career success, offers a very simple, one-word answer to this question.

Our families are where we all start from, but, unfortunately, we know the fantasy of the perfect family does not exist. This speech gives very good perspectives on how we can try to get the best out of our family life.

It’s Sunday and America is said to be a Christian nation. But how does Christianity look for those people who are considered sinners but who believe in God yet are not involved in the religion system of Christianity? This is a creative message written from the perspective of all the people who would be considered outcasts in the church, but the same people the church is always saying needs saving. This is a non-confrontational set of questions and concerns to those inside the religious system in the voice of these outsiders. This is a deep, logic-filled message that everyone, regardless of their religious or non-religious belief, will enjoy hearing.

This bonus speech scene delivers a very encouraging message to everyone out there about perseverance on not giving up on your life dreams.